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Mothers Day Menu at The 1 Cantina Avalon Park

Updated: May 4, 2022

4 COURSE | Family Style | $35 per person.

COURSE 1 (choice per person)

-Mediterranean Salad

- Fruit Plate

COURSE 2 (1 choice per person)

Ribeye Carnitas | Fried rib-eye chunks served over freshly made guacamole. Accompanied with tortillas and salsa

Queso Fundido | Melted Mexican cheese with chorizo, accompanied with handmade tortillas.

Chicken Flautas | Crispy tortilla chicken flautas, with roasted green tomatillo salsa, crema, Cotija cheese, and fresh herbs. Contains dairy

COURSE 3 (choice of)

-Seafood Paella (Serves 2) | This saffron-infused paella is loaded with mussels, clams, and shrimp

-Churrasco | Skirt Steak Marinated with Chimichurri sauce, greens, and potatoes

-Parrillada de Carne (Serves 2) | Pastor Meat, Skirt Steak, Cochinita Pibil, Grilled onions, and esquite corn. Served with Tortillas

Brunch entree choices (available from 12 pm to 4pm)

Chilaquiles Verdes with cecina steak | Crisp tortillas tossed in green and red tomato sauce, topped with cheese, a sunny side egg, and a 6 oz steak steak

Molletes con chorizo | A halved bolillo Cuban bread roll that is topped with refried beans, cheese, and tomato salsa

Enchiladas Suiza | We load the enchiladas with a combination of shredded cheese, tender chicken, green salsa, and a squeeze of lime juice to make all the flavors in the enchilada sauce pop.


Pay de Elote with ice cream

Churro Cake

*Menu subject to change*

Specialty Drinks

Classic Margarita $9

Lime margarita on the rocks

Horchata Margarita $10

Mangorita $12

Mango and chamoy margarita

Red Sangria $7

Mimosa $6

Prosecco and Orange Juice

Bloody Mary (vodka) / Bloody Maria (tequila) $8

Beers: Corona, Negra Modelo, Pasifico $6

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